Why Study Animation Today ?

Future of Indian Animation ..

As per NASSCOM, the animation development segment achieved revenues of US$ 285 million in 2005 and was expected to grow to US$960 million by 2009. Indian gaming industry is expected to be around $300 million by 2009. NASSCOM has suggested the animation production industry needs to interact with the training industry to arrive at industry oriented courses which could bridge the gap of short supply of animators. It also talks about the need for professional training industries which has a lot of potential as a business by itself. Strengths of Indian Animation

The strong language (English) skills of Indian developers are considered as a major reason for the inflow of projects from abroad. To capture the essence of humor and the entire set of emotions through animation, one requires a grasp of the language.

Artists use the conventional drawing on paper route to do a major part of 2D animation manually. Therefore 2D animation requires skilled artists who are available in abundance in India. This is a very crucial factor, as good 2D animation skills are a prerequisite for 3D.

The animation industry in India is very cost effective in terms of real sets, studio space and outdoor locations and is fast emerging as an important destination for outsourcing assignments from the global studios such as Walt Disney Pictures and Cartoon Network.etc…

The Indian advertising industry has actually pioneered the use of animation in India. Advertisements are increasingly using animation to capture viewer’s imagination.

Internet Technologies has grown enormously with the telecom revolution. With the 3G and 4G telecom technologies, customers are able to get high speed internet at their home. Each individual to each business are now using websites. With this there is great demand for web and graphic designers and developers in India.

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