Present Scenario


This global industry is estimated to reach $75 billion by 2009. In India it is expected to grow by 35% & estimated to touch $960 million by 2009.

Animation is touted to be the present best thing on the Internet. Another area where animation has a lot of scope is the high-end gaming technology. This is a very huge market globally, requiring both software and animation (creative) skills


According to NASSCOM, India needs to develop the requisite talent pool & focus on attracting high-quality work which means training per say itself is a big business market. The cross-cultural appeal has played an important role for the success of locally developed content such as 3D animation shows, titled (Pandavas-The five warriors and Sinbad-Beyond the veil of mists released in Cartoon Network).

Indian animation industry is on the brink of breaking away from being service providers, to producing original content not only locally but for the world market.

As more and more Indian providers concentrate on international quality standards, they will find a significant global appetite for our content and our films too.

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